Clear Debt Results


Debt Settlement is specifically designed for consumers who cannot afford their minimum monthly payments, who are seriously considering bankruptcy, or who cannot honestly envision being able make progress in their financial life.


Debt Settlement programs, when followed properly, benefit everyone involved:


The creditors receive money from consumers who would otherwise have paid nothing, had their debts been discharged in bankruptcy.


The court systems are not overloaded with collection and bankruptcy cases.


Most importantly, you (the consumer) have honorably resolved your debt and can focus on living your life.


Our Debt Negotiation and Settlement Program:


    * Is NOT consumer credit counseling. We are not paid by your creditors and we do not forward monthly payments to creditors. Creditors are paid through a lump sum settlement agreement.

    * Is NOT a credit repair program. We do not report or attempt to affect the credit reporting process in any way.

    * Is NOT a loan. We do not lend or advance money to pay creditors. We do, however, work with those consumers who would not likely qualify for a loan.

    * Is NOT a Form of bankruptcy. Our program is an alternative to bankruptcy.

    * CANNOT provide legal, tax, or investment advice. If you need legal advice, expertise or court filings, you should seek the advice of a licensed attorney.


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